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New Option for Some Subsidised Entry Agreements

27 August 2020

Gawler Community Retirement Homes (GCRH) offers some units under ‘Subsidised Entry’ agreements. These are designed to offer long term stable accommodation for residents without the ability to purchase a unit at full price.

Regular enquiries are received by the office regarding alternative entry options. After a recent review the Board of GCRH has now approved offering a limited number of units on new payment terms. The units will be offered as Subsidised Entry Agreements, however rather than an upfront cost of $55,000 the resident will pay a weekly payment plus Services Fee.

A Subsidised Entry Application will be required; then if approved, the agreement will have the same conditions as any other unit in the village, except for the upfront premium, being replaced by weekly payments. The new resident/s then have the unit for as long as they need. This differs from a lease arrangement, which require regular renewals.

GCRH is offering two units at Elimatta Village, using these new agreements. Unit 2 is a one bedroom unit, which features a new kitchen & robes and a/c. Has a rear garden shed and is being fully refurbished.

Unit 9 is also a one bedroom, with a great kitchen and robes in the bedroom. Features a/c in lounge and the front verandah overlooks the South Para on Fotheringham Terrace.

The ongoing payments for these units will be $180 per week; this includes the Services Fee of $80 per week. The weekly services fee covers many of the expenses, including council ∧ water rates, emergency levy, building insurance, maintenance of the unit & gardens, plus administration support.

To find out more or to view contact the GCRH Office on 8523 4255. Covid-19 protocols observed for viewings.