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Independent Village Living Lifestyle FAQ’s

Question. What type of accommodation is available?
Answer: Accommodation ranges from 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units
with own courtyard

Question. What is the minimum entry age?
Answer. Minimum age of any resident is 55
Question. What type of agreement will I/we sign to live in the village?
Answer. Legal Residence Contract
Question. What happens if I/we pay a deposit and do not take up occupancy?
Answer. Deposit will be fully refunded
Question. Will I/we have to pay a weekly services fee
Answer. Yes. Fees vary from village to village. Fee is listed on previous page for these units.
Question. What do maintenance fees cover?
Answer. Building and public insurance, Council rates, sewer and water rates and charges, Emergency Services levy, Maintaining common areas and gardens and maintenance both inside and outside the units
Question. Do the units have safety rails in the bathroom and toilet?
Answer. No not all units. Safety rails can be fitted at the occupants' expense and management will happily arrange for them to be installed.
Question. Do the units have gas or electricity or both? Answer. Electricity for cooking, airconditioning and gas water heating
Question. Who maintains the gardens
Answer. Maintenance staff look after front gardens and surrounds within each village but residents are encouraged to maintain back garden space.
Question. Can I have friends/relatives to stay?
Answer. You must not take any boarders or lodgers but we encourage residents to keep links with relatives and friends. Visitors or short-stay guests are welcome.
A visitor or short-stay guest is somebody who visits during the day or stays overnight for up to fourteen (14) calendar days.

Question. Are pets permitted?
Answer. We do have a no pets policy. However if a new incoming resident has a small dog or cat they can bring it with them but not replace it.
Question. Can changes be made to the units?
Answer. You may make changes to the units at your own expense; this is subject to approval by the Board and can be arranged through the office..